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  A web is a collection of strong connections of candidates of a single number that are all connected to each other. For instance, if there is a candidate 2 that shares a strong connection through a column and another strong connection to a different 2 through a box, then these three 2's make up a web. Then, if one of the other 2's shares a strong connection with a completely different 2, then that one would also be included in the web. A web can range from 2 separate candidates (always of the same number), to as many as are on the board.

  Webs are usually annotated with two different colors, the logic being that one of the colors is true and the other false. For instance, in a web of 2's, each 2 in each strong connection would be colored with opposite colors. Then, either all the 2's of one color must be true, or all the 2's of the other color must be true.

  Webs are used in the Coloring and Multi-Coloring solving techniques.

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