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Sudoku Websites
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Sudoku Snake
Topping the list, of course, is us. Perhaps we're biased, but we also have a great sudoku website.

Sudoku Essentials
Good community sudoku site with all the basic information for those new to sudoku or who want to learn more about it.

Web Sudoku
Primarily an online-solving website, with a forum.

Daily SuDoku
Good collection of sudokus and links, with all the most basic information for a brand-new player right there on the front page.

Sudoku Solver Tips
A blog dedicated to Sudoku

Despite the fact that anyone can edit Wikipedia entries, this website is very thorough and accurate.

Extremely thorough all-around resource with just about anything you could ever want to know about Sudoku.

Tutorial to teach you how to play sudoku with a full example.

Sudoku of the Day
Friendly website to orient you with sudoku and guide you through learning the ins and outs.

Brain Booster Activities
Fun brain teaser activities that have been popular with kids.


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