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Websites for Learning Solving Techniques
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Ultra Sudoku Solver FAQ
Descriptions of solving techniques based on the rules of sudoku.

A new approach to looking at the basic solving strategies.

eric's kOssKy
Descriptions of the best-known solving techniques with examples.

Game Sudoku
Blog dedicated to describing sudoku solving techniques.

Brain Bashers
Intermediate solving techniques with highlighted examples.

Astraware Sudoku
The basics on how to solve sudoku puzzles, with some intermediate techniques.

Sudoku Tiger
A list of simple, fun solving techniques, with explanations.

Paul's Pages
Intermediate solving techniques with tips on how and when to use them.

FairElm Sudoku
17 solving techniques with a classification of the rarity of each (how often they are needed).

Mathematics of Sudoku
A scholastic approach of describing many solving techniques with logical information describing other aspects of the puzzle, in pdf format.

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