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Websites for Learning Solving Techniques
Links 11-20
Great list of about 50 solving techniques grouped by type, linked to descriptions by sudoku9981

Good descriptions of basic and some less-known solving techniques.

6 easy techniques, with a link to 6 intermediate techniques.

Enjoy Sudoku
iPhone-size web page with links to the descriptions of various solving techniques on the Sudopedia.

Sudoku Essentials
The most basic solving strategies for the beginning sudoku player.

Into Sudoku
Good list and examples of the easy and intermediate techniques.

Well-organized list of solving techniques, with step-by-step examples and space for visitors to make comments.

Very handy website with technique descriptions that provide a good foundational knowledge for advanced solving techniques.

19 intermediate solving techniques

Advanced descriptions of solving techniques, including reference to studies on the most advanced master techniques.

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