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Websites for Learning Solving Techniques
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Sudoku Snake
Naturally we have the best list of solving techniques, being very comprehensive with a count of 44. The techniques are ordered and broken down by difficulty, with supplementary pages explaining the different terms used in the descriptions.

There can be no more authoritative and comprehensive list that this one on the Sudopedia.

Sudoku Assistant
Outstanding descriptions of easy to very advanced solving concepts with detailed graphical examples.

Sudoku Online
16 different solving techniques.

Angus Johnson
About a dozen of the funnest intermediate solving techniques with Simple Sudoku graphics.

SadMan Software
18 different solving techniques of easy to intermediate range. Good explanations.

Very thorough list of easy to advanced solving methods, including descriptive diagrams of examples with lines and arrows.

Sudoku Video Tutorials
30 solving techniques explained in a DVD video that you can order.

Sudoku of the Day
Some basic solving techniques with diagrams to help understand them.

Links to forums and pages on other websites that describe some solving techniques.

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