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View Suggestion Command
  Use this command to show and hide the suggestion, or next easiest solving technique. When you use this command, the suggestion will be immediately calculated, and make take a long time for very advanced puzzles in which the next easiest solving technique is very advanced.

  To see which cells the suggestion involves, use the Hint command.

  Refer to our list of solving techniques to understand the different possible suggestions that may arise by using the button above.

  If none of the solving techniques employed by Sudoku Snake's hint generator can be applied and the puzzle has a unique solution, the suggestion 'Bifurcation' will appear. This basically means iterative guessing - in other words, keep guessing and making guesses within guesses until you get the answer. If the puzzle does not have a unique solution, the suggestion 'No Suggestion' will appear, implying that most likely there are no further logical steps you can make.

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