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The toolbar is displayed across the top of the application window, below the menu bar. The toolbar provides quick mouse access to many tools used in Sudoku Snake.

To hide or display the Toolbar, use the Toolbar command from the View menu (ALT, V, T).

There are two different toolbars in Sudoku Snake, one for Design Mode and one for Solve Mode. The buttons for both toolbars are listed below.

Start a new puzzle.
Open an existing puzzle. Sudoku Snake will display the Open dialog box.
Save the current puzzle with its current name. If you have not named the puzzle, the Save As dialog box will appear.
Stores givens in system memory buffer.
Inserts givens from system memory buffer.
Reverse the last editing action. Note: You cannot undo some actions.
Reverse the last undo action.
Insert a number into a cell of the puzzle.
Delete a number from a cell in the puzzle.
Switch to design mode.
Switch to solve mode.
Generate a random unique-solution puzzle.
Switch to large values entry.
Switch to candidate entry.
Bookmark current state.
Restore most recent bookmark.
Fill in cells with specified color.
Fill in all empty cells with simple candidates.
Clear all candidates and values from cells.
Check all values for errors.
Get a hint.
Open the help contents menu.

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