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Redefine Boxes Command
Use this command to redefine the shape of the 9-cell boxes in the current puzzle. When you initiate this command you will be able to then use the mouse to click and hold on a box, then drag the mouse to a cell adjoining the current box that you want to incorporate into the current box. Clicking and dragging can be used to create any number of possible box shapes and combinations, provided they all fit within the 9x9 cell grid.

You must be attentive that every box has exactly 9 cells. If any of the boxes contains any amount besides 9 cells, an error dialog will immediately appear when you try to perform any other command, and you will not be allowed to perform any other command until all the boxes have exactly 9 cells. This dialog appears as it does below.


You can return to the standard default 3x3 square box arrangement at any time using the Default Box Shapes Command.

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