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Generate Random Puzzle Command
Use this command to open the Generator Properties Dialog Box (below).

Click 'Ok' to initiate an algorithm that creates a random puzzle and alternately adds and removes random givens from random cells until a unique-valued solution is reached at the desired skill level. This process may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the speed of your processor, the options selected from the generator properties dialog box, and the speed at which the algorithm converges on a unique solution. As a general rule, the higher the desired skill level, the longer it will take to create a random puzzle since such puzzles are statistically less likely. Also, random alignments will often converge faster than symmetrical or custom alignments. For puzzles of irregular box shapes difficult puzzles are more common.


Random alignments indicate that the random values can be placed in any cell.
Symmetrical alignments place values in symmetrically aligned cells.
Custom alignments place values in cells defined by the user.

The phrase "Generating Random Puzzle" will appear in the status bar while a solution is being computed. Until the phrase "finished" takes its place, no other actions in Sudoku Snake or Windows can be taken.

To augment execution speed, puzzles of skill level 'Expert' or higher will be generated using diagonalization methods.

Generating a random puzzle will eliminate all values in the previous puzzle, but these values can be brought back using the Undo Command.


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