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Design Mode

  Design mode is for creating Sudoku puzzles. Each time you enter a given Sudoku Snake automatically updates the solutions, possibilities, solution status and skill level. Use the View Solutions and View Possibilities commands to see the values of each cell. Notice that while in Solve Mode little numbers are candidates, in Design Mode they're called possibilities. If a cell has two possibilities in Design mode, then either one is a valid solution. If you enter a given into a cell that is not one of the possibilities, Sudoku Snake will tell you there is no solution.

  Because you can't begin solving a puzzle until one has been created, it is important to know how to create puzzles. There are four different ways:

Entering the numbers one at a time. In Sudoku Snake this is easy as long as you continually add only numbers that are seen as possibilities.
Load a puzzle that has been previously saved.
Paste a puzzle, as long as you have previously copied one from an acceptable format.
Generate a random puzzle using our Random Puzzle Generator. This is the easiest way to get started, especially if you want a brand new puzzle at a specified difficulty level.

  Once your puzzle has been created and has a unique solution, switch to solve mode using the toolbar button or the menu option to begin solving it.

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