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Bookmark Command

  Use the Bookmark Command to temporarily save the current puzzle in a temporary buffer. This command works just like the Save Command, except that it does not create a named file. To return to point that you bookmarked, use the Restore Bookmark Command.

  This command is particularly useful when you want to make a guess in Solve Mode. Rather than save the entire puzzle and try to come up with unique names to save it as for each guess, you can simply bookmark back and forth using this tool. Simply click this bookmark button, make your guess, and if you find the guess is wrong click on restore bookmark. You will return to point before you made the guess.

  You can use the Bookmark Command several times repeatedly in Sudoku Snake. However, when you use the Restore Bookmark command it will only return to the last state you bookmarked. Then if you use Restore Bookmark again it will return to the last state you bookmarked before that. Thus you move forward and backward in a string of bookmarks. Once you restore a bookmark, that bookmark ceases to exist.

  Only values and candidates are stored in a bookmark buffer. Thus, if you make any color scheme or other changes, they will not be reversed when you use restore bookmark.

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