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Analyze Command
  This command performs an analysis on the difficulty rating or skill level of the current puzzle, and once finished displays a dialog box listing how many times each solving technique was used to arrive at the solution. For puzzles which use only solving techniques with a skill score of 2000 or less, the analysis is performed automatically once any change to the puzzle is made, and the skill level of the puzzle is updated. If a puzzle requires any techniques that have a skill score of more than 2000, the automatic analysis is halted and the displayed skill level is 'Unknown.' In those cases, this Analyze command must be used if you wish to know the actual skill level of the puzzle.

  Once initiated, this command displays the text 'Analyzing' in the status bar. If the analysis is successful, the dialog of the solving techniques will appear. If the puzzle is of such a high difficulty level that none of the Sudoku Snake solving techniques can crack it, then the analysis will be terminated and the text 'Analysis Failed' will appear in the status bar. However, no puzzle has yet been discovered that Sudoku Snake can not analyze. The hardest known to date, Golden Nugget, can take half an hour or more to analyze, so be sure to prepare for long wait if you know you are analyzing a particularly advanced puzzle.

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