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Websites for Free Sudoku Puzzles
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Sudoku Snake
Of course the best puzzles can be found right here on our own website. Each day provides a series of eight new puzzles, each at a different difficulty level. Being one of the only websites on the web to offer this wide a spectrum of difficulty levels, these puzzles appeal to the unskilled, skilled and everywhere in-between players. These puzzles are in pdf form, which translates to easy printing.

Web Sudoku
One of the foremost sudoku websites, Web Sudoku gives instant access to billions of 9x9 sudoku puzzles ranging from easy to evil, each numbered for easy return.

Daily SuDoku
Archived Daily puzzles ranging from easy to very hard, in 6x6, 9x9, 16x16 and squiggly formats. All puzzles are in pdf format.

Vegard Hanssen
Boasts a fantastic range of puzzle difficulty with some of the hardest randomly generated puzzles we've seen.

Sudoku Puzzles
Good online sudoku solving interface. Puzzles come easy, medium, hard, or tough, and when they say tough they aren't kidding!

Sudokus by KrazyDad
Free pdf puzzles at 7 different skill levels, ranging from easy to insane, with the insane being every bit as hard as we offer.

Great site with tons of sudoku puzzles, printable or online. Try a diabolical puzzle online and you won't be disappointed for difficulty.

Daily Sudoku
One new puzzle every day with options to solve online or create a printable copy. The website keeps track of the fastest time that someone has solved it.

Print Sudoku
Download sudoku in pdf format at 5 good difficulty levels, including the magic sudoku variant.

Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles
Lots of printable and online sudoku puzzles, including the well-known variants x-sudoku, samurai sudoku, extra regions and others.

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