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  A Fin is an adjunct to a fish pattern or subset(naked or hidden). For a fish it is found in the primary units but outside of the secondary units, and if it comprises more than one candidate then it must fall within a tertiary unit. For a subset it is found outside the primary cells or candidates in question, but within the row, column or box in question. Fins in subsets can also be used in tertiary units if they comprise more than one candidate that share a unit that is not part of the primary row, column or box in question.

  If a fin is found then a fish becomes a finned fish and a subset becomes an almost linked set. A finned fish is one short of being a fish, and an almost linked set is one short of being a subset. This 'one' is the fin.

  In essence, if the fin is false, the fish or subset must be true, and vice versa. A fin is weakly connected to a respective fish or subset. If there is only one fin, then it is strongly connected.

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